SL MultiTracks: MT02: Medium-Fast Straight Rock 1


These solid rock drum loops from Smartloops feature that live acoustic sound that you're gonna need to produce songs with a live rock band feel. In addition to the fully mastered stereo loops they've also included the multi-track stems so that you can tweak the drum mix till your hearts content. Take a listen to the previews of these awesome sounding drum tracks that are ready and waiting for your songs.


  • Get total control of your drum loops
  • Change volume of individual drum tracks
  • Add processing and FX to individual tracks such as snare
  • EQ individual tracks
  • Includes fully mixed stereo loops and individual drum and cymbal loops (Kick, Snare, Hats, Overheads, and Toms).
  • Use stereo mixes to quickly build drum tracks
  • Available in ACID WAV, Apple Loops, and REX2 formats

Format: ACID WAV, Apple Loops, REX2 (44.1kHz, 24-bit, Stereo and Mono)

Media: Download

Stereo Mixes:36

Individual Track Loops: 155

Total Loops: 191

Total Size: 179 MB ACID & Apple Loops, 117 MB REX2 (Download 145 MB ACID & Apple Loops, 115 MB REX2)

Original Tempo: 138-142 BPM

Recommended Tempo: 113-192 BPM

Time Signature: 4/4

Styles: rock, pop, country

Compatible programs: Ableton Live, Apple GarageBand, Cakewalk, Digidesign Pro Tools, Home Studio, Guitar Tracks Pro, Kinetic, Logic Express, Logic Pro, MOTU Digital Performer, Music Creator, Nuendo, Plasma, Pro Tools LE, Project5, Reason, SONAR, Sony ACID, Soundtrack Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Vegas and any other program that can load ACID WAV, WAV, Apple Loops, .AIF, or .RX2 files.

Each of the loops listed below are provided as a full Stereo Mix, and also with the separated drum tracks.

Busy Groove 01 (4 bars)
Busy Groove 02 (1 bar)
Busy Groove 03 (1 bar)
Crash FILL 01 (1 bar)
Drummers Last Word 01 (one-shot)
Drummers Last Word 02 (one-shot)
Drummers Last Word 03 (one-shot)
Drummers Last Word 04 (one-shot)
Drummers Last Word 05 (one-shot)
FILL 01 (1 bar) STEREO
FILL 02 (1 bar) STEREO
FILL 03 (1 bar) STEREO
HalfTime Groove 01 (4 bars)
HalfTime Groove 02 (4 bars)
HalfTime Groove 03 (2 bars)
Heavy Hats FILL 01 (1 bar)
Heavy Hats FILL 02 (1 bar)
Heavy Hats FILL 03 (1 bar)
Heavy Hats Groove 01 (8 bars)
Heavy Hats Groove 02 (8 bars)
Heavy Hats Groove 03 (8 bars)
Heavy Hats Groove 04 (8 bars)
Heavy Hats Groove 05 (8 bars)
Heavy Hats Groove 06 (4 bars)
Heavy Hats Groove 07 (4 bars)
Heavy Hats Groove 08 (1 bar)
Heavy Hats Groove 09 (1 bar)
Heavy Hats Groove 10 (1 bar)
Kick and Crash Hit (one-shot)
Pickup FILL 01 (1 bar)
Pickup FILL 02 (1 bar)
Snare FILL 01 (1 bar)
Tight Hats Groove 01 (8 bars)
Tight Hats Groove 02 (8 bars)
Tight Hats Groove 03 (1 bar)
Tight Hats Groove 04 (1 bar)

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