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Here’s a small selection of epic loops and samples we have to offer:

Who is LoopGalaxy?

We’ve been providing loops and samples to music producers of all kinds since the ancient days 2001. In web terms that makes us veterans of the art. Back then ‘Google’ wasn’t yet a household term and iPads or iPhones were the stuff of science fiction movies. One thing that has stood the test of time however, is good quality samples and loops that provide inspiration for computer musicians all over the world. That’s where we come in.

From Hip Hop to Dubstep, Orchestral to House, we offer a truly massive selection of creativity boosting sounds that will clear your writers block in no time. Whether you want entire song construction kits or just that odd sample that sparks your imagination, you’ll find it within these pages. All you have to do is go looking.

LoopGalaxy is part of the Kingpin Studios network and you can find some great content on our partners sites Platinumloops, Silicon Beats, Reason Refills, Macloops and Q-Music Production Music.

We hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for but if there’s something you can’t find please be sure to contact us directly with your suggestions and requests.

What is a Loop?

An audio loop is just the same thing is a sample. The only difference is that a ‘loop’ is a sample which can be played continuously in a loop so that it sounds like a seamless performance that could be looped to whatever duration you want. Samples are typically ‘one-shots’ or sampled sounds that you can trigger in a particular sequence as apposed to being ‘looped’. Both ‘loops’ and ‘samples’ can be triggered by MIDI devices by loading them into either a software or hardware ‘sampler’ and then hooking that up to a MIDI controller, such as a keyboard.

You can also sequence ‘loops’ or ‘samples’ on an audio track of any audio sequencer or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Ableton Live, Logic, Garageband,Cubase, Sonar etc. Loops have made it very quick and easy to record and produce high quality digital music even if you have the talent and skill to play all your own instruments, chances are you’ll often loop a repeated song part instead of playing it over and over again. In the old days there was no option but to play a song the entire way through from start to finish during a recording. If you had a skilled ‘tape op’ sound engineer they could ‘drop you in’ just at the right place on the tape recording but thankfully those days are long gone (although they were kind of fun at times but ultimately expensive).