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How to Setup the Vocoder in Logic Pro

Logic Pro’s Vocoder is a useful tool.  In addition to creating cool vocoded synth sounds, you can also vocode your vocal samples to give them added character when necessary.  Setting up the vocoder to work with vocal samples can seem a bit confusing if you haven’t done it before, so let’s walk through the process. […]

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How to setup the Arpeggiator in Logic Pro

If you’re not used to working with Logic’s Environment window, then setting up and routing the arpeggiator can seem a bit confusing at first.  Since arpeggiators are a big part of modern music production, it’s important that Logic Pro users figure this out. With that in mind, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process for […]

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How to create Pitch Shifted Vocals for Hip Hop

Pitch shifted vocals are used a lot in southern hip hop production.  Most of the time this involves a simple catch phrase that is shifted either up or down and repeated several times (normally as a hook or breakdown).  A good example is Wiz Khalifa’s recent hit – Work Hard, Play Hard.  Another example is […]

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haas effect

Stereo Width – How to Create the Hass Effect

Creating a fat, wide mix is crucial to getting that ‘larger than life’ feel out of your tracks.  To do so, you to need take advantage of the width in your stereo field.  There are many effects that can help you maximize stereo width. The Haas Effect is a psychoacoustic effect whereby the same audio […]

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How to Create Vintage Video Game Sounds

Gear up studio-heads, today we learn how to create some of those classic gaming sounds of the past.  We’ll be using Logic Pro but you can easily create these sounds in any DAW!  Our weapon of choice is Logic’s ES1.  It’s a well rounded subtractive synth that is more than capable of getting the job […]

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