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How to create a Hardstyle synth in Sylenth1

Welcome back for another sound design tutorial from Loop Galaxy!  Today we’ll learn how to create a bangin’ hardstyle synth in Sylenth1. Take a listen to the sound we’ll create: hardstyle synth If you’ve ever heard the song Kickin Ass by Zatox and Tatanka, you’ll probably recognize this sound. Getting Started… Step 1 – Setup […]

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How to Create a DeadMau5 style Pluck in Ableton

DeadMau5 is considered one of the premiere producers of modern electronic music.  One of his ‘go-to’ sounds is a synthesized pluck.  Listen to any of his hits and you’ll undoubtedly come across it at some point.  The most popular synth for creating this type of sound is probably Sylenth1, but you can easily create it […]

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How to Create a Sub Bass in Ableton

Sub bass is a big part of modern music production.  A hefty bottom end is the driving force behind most chart topping hits.  Even if you have a bass sound that occupies a good bit of the low-mids in your mix, it’s often beneficial to layer a sub bass underneath it. With that being said, […]

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How to Create Vintage Video Game Sounds

Gear up studio-heads, today we learn how to create some of those classic gaming sounds of the past.  We’ll be using Logic Pro but you can easily create these sounds in any DAW!  Our weapon of choice is Logic’s ES1.  It’s a well rounded subtractive synth that is more than capable of getting the job […]

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How to Create a Laser Cannon in Massive

Massive is a powerful synthesizer capable of producing a wide array of sounds.  In today’s walkthrough, we’ll use it to construct a blasting laser cannon (as we like to call it).  This type of sound has become very popular in electronic music – especially Dubstep. Take a listen: cannon blast The nice thing about the […]

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How to Create a Flux Pavilion Synth in Massive

Need to spice up your Dubstep productions with some fresh sounds?  We’ve got you covered.  Today, we’re going to create a Flux Pavilion style synth in Massive.  Over the last year or so, this sound has become very popular and can be heard on numerous Dubstep hits. The best way to describe it would be […]

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How to Create a Screaming Skrillex Lead in Massive

Welcome back!  Thanks for joining us here at Loop Galaxy.  Today we are going to look at how to create a screaming lead in the style of artists like Skrillex and Doctor P.  We’ll be using Native Instruments Massive but it’s possible to achieve similar results using other soft synths. Take a listen to the […]

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How to Create a fat Reese Bass in Ableton

The “Reese Bass” is one of the more popular sounds in modern Drum & Bass music.  In a nut shell, it’s basically a dual saw wave with some slight de-tuning and and a good bit of stereo width. In today’s tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to create this sound in Ableton’s Operator. Take […]

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